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Luang Phor Phat: 100 Year Birthday Celebration Collection

It has been a fantastic year for amulet collectors and enthusiasts from around the world, as in honour of Luang Phor Phat's 100 birthday celebration a series of amulets have been commissioned to commemorate the occasion.

The Wat Huay Duan temple in Nakhon Sawan around 250 kilometres from Bangkok in central Thailand is where the venerable monk Luang Phor Phat resides and also where the consecration ceremony takes place for these amulets.

The 100-year series mostly feature an image/likeness of the venerable monk Luang Phor Phat with a striking life-like resemblance featuring intricate designs and colours to add panache. Quite often the robe of Luang Phor Phat has been coloured in orange which adds to the design and also the realistic feel of the portrait.

Often the reverse will feature images from Thai mythology or from the Ramakien story which is one of the most important stories in Thai literature and an important part of Thai culture. The images are mostly complemented with yants and geometrical designs and information about the origin of the piece.

Despite being 100 years old, the honourable Luang Phor Phat is still extremely fit and strong and still makes time to meet with his many students and followers each day who flock to the temple to share a moment with him. Luang Phor Phat also leads the consecration ceremonies to bless the amulets and other objects produced by the Huay Duan Temple.

The 100-year celebration collection features some really stunning pieces which are available in a range of materials from gold and silver to alpaca silver and alpaca bronze to name a few. There are various shapes with the most common amulets being crafted into an oval shape which is known in Thai language as 'Rian' translating simply as 'coin'.

LP Phat is considered one of the most powerful guru monks of all time and is world-renowned for his knowledge of magic and mantras which is why his amulets are the most desired in Thailand at the moment.

Celebrate the auspicious occasion of Luang Phor Phat's 100 year birthday celebration by taking a look at some amulets from this series available on our website here.

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