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Pha Ya Tow (Turtle Amulet)

Pha Ya Tow also known as the turtle amulet is a symbol of fertility and long life and is known for it’s good fortune which makes it popular with amulet enthusiasts. The turtle keeps on walking forward and onward, never backwards which translates to a long and prosperous existence.

More often than not an image of Phra Sangkachai (the Laughing Budda) can be seen on the front of the amulet with a big smile which is why the amulet is believed to bring happiness to the wearer while the reverse side of the amulet is inscribed with a powerful sacred yant.

Originally made by LP Liew of Wat Rai Tang Thong, who was known for his expert knowledge of mindfulness and control. When giving Dhamma talks he would often sit on a live giant turtle who would remain motionless as if listening to the Dhamma also. LP Liew was renowned for practicing the turtle breathing technique style of meditation and his mastery of the technique was once tested as he was wrapped in plastic and buried underground without food and water for 10 days, when unearthed he was alive and well.

This amulet is said to bring success in all aspects of life and help the wearer overcome obstacles whilst providing protection from danger. The Pha Ya Tow should be worn everyday as like the turtle the power flows slow but consistently and as in life the best things come to those who wait.

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