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The Top 5 Protection Amulets

Protection amulets are by far the most popular and powerful in Thailand and are worn everyday by millions of people across the kingdom, believed to confer safety upon the bearer. Both at home and in the workplace, men and women of all ages wear these amulets which are created by top Ajarns and venerable monks and available in a myriad of designs. There are many protection amulets available in Thailand, we have outlined the top 5 in this article.

Phra Somdej is known as the King of amulets and the most powerful all rounder which is mainly worn as a protection amulet. One of the most well known Buddhist images and one of the original Benjapakee amulets, Phra Somdej is favoured by the majority with most Thai Buddhists owning at least one. Somdej protects the wearer in all aspects of their lives such as natural occurring disasters, against evil omens and spirits and high risk occupations.

LP Thuad is regarded as the most powerful protection amulet in existance and is especially popular for people travelling long distances. If you look on the dashboards of Thai peoples cars and hanging from the wind mirrors you will often see an LP Thuad amulet for protection. LP Thuad amulet stories frequent the Thai newspapers often with accounts of people surviving severe automobile accidents which they claim they owe to the LP Thuad amulet. Thuad is one of the most well known amulets which was originally used for providing protection on the battlefield. Nowadays you will see many security guards, police and soldiers wearing LP Thuad in Thailand.

Phra Buddha Sihing is a highly revered image of the Gautama Buddah often associated with protection and a great all round powerful amulet that many Thais favour. One of the classic images which dates back to 157 AD where the original was cast in Ceylon, Sri Lanka by 3 Buddhist priests.Thai people connect with the image around the Songkran festival (Thai new year) with people pouring water over the processions of Phra Buddah Sihing images asking for protection and fortune.

LP Pern tiger amulets are renowned as some of the strongest amulets in existence today, known for the their powerful protective elements. Hailing from the Wat Bang Phra temple in Nakhon Pathom, LP Pern originally made amulets to protect residents from being mauled by tigers around the area. Although wild tiger numbers in Thailand have somewhat dwindled over recent years, other risks still prevail, hence the reason many muay thai fighters and people in high risk jobs favour these amulets.

Phra Pidta is known as one of the most powerful amulets in circulation which is popular not only in Thailand but across Asia and with a somewhat seemingly cult following. The Phra Pidta image features a monk blocking out all external forces through deep Samadhi meditation, a firm favourite for those seeking protection and one of the most powerful to repel evil forces.

The vast majority of Thais are looking to protect themselves when they opt to buy an amulet and often pick one of the five most popular in the above mentioned article. These classic amulets are reliable if you are putting yourself at risk on a regular basis and provide reassurance to the wearer. Protection amulets were the first kind crafted in Thailand and continue to remain as ever if not more popular in the present day.

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