Ai Kai Wat Jedi with Rahu

Ai Kai Wat Jedi with Rahu

Ai Kai Wat Jedi


The Ai Kai amulet is regarded as one of the most powerful voodoo talismans and is said to bring the wearer wealth, success and even grants wishes.


According to legend, a young boy named Ai Kai had ordained to follow the revered LP Thuad on his spiritual journey. When the two monks visited Wat Chedi LP Thuad ordered his student to stay and look after the temple but in that time the young boy unfortunately passed away. His spirit remained in the temple keeping a watchful eye as acting guardian warding off thieves and people trying to break in.


A statue was erected outside of the temple constructed from Mai Takian wood where his spirit resides. Flocks of people travel to the statue to make offerings each day as they believe whatever they wish for will be granted. Many wishes have come true including big lottery wins and the return of missing items which has helped elevate the popularity of the statue.


This amulet is worn by many as it said that eventually your dreams will come true. This amulet is often worn by gamblers and people who take big risk in business such as investors and independent business owners.


    Dimensions 35mm x 50mm


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