Garuda Pha Yant

Garuda Pha Yant

The Garuda or ‘Paya Krut’ as it is known in Thai language is a symbol of great might and commanding power making this a very sought-after Pha Yant.


One of the most important mythical creatures from the Himmapan Forest and king of the birds, the Garuda and its various depictions of origin differ from faith to faith. This half man half bird creature is said to have been born as the son a priest, Resi Kasyapa, and was said to have received special powers from the gods.


This animal is highly respected by the government in Thailand as it symbolises the power to command hence the reason it can be seen on uniforms such as the Royal Thai Police and armed forces as well as on government buildings and banks.


This Pha Yant is popular with people in demanding jobs and positions of responsibility as it is believed to increase status and influential powers as well as cleansing bad karmic influence. The Garuda is especially popular with people in business and officers of the state.


    Dimensions 204 mm x 290 mm


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