The Hanuman is a very sought after amulet as the wearer is said to be impervious to evil and misfortune.


Hanuman is one of the main characters in the Ramakaya story and is described as a white monkey. He is said to be able to transform himself into a giant with 4 heads and eight arms and served under Phra Rarm a reincarnation of Phra Naraj the greatest of the Hindu gods. 


Hanuman is said to have been invincible and when knocked down just a small blow of wind would revive him. Due to this many Muay Thai fighters wear the amulet as they believe when they are knocked out a blow of wind will bring them back to consciousness


Many Thais wear this amulet as they believe the amulet will protect them as well as ward off evil spirits, danger and misfortune thus aiding a successful and prosperous life.


Luang Phor Phat is a direct disciple of LP Derm whom he trained under when he was young learning many mantras and studying magic.


LP Phat amulets are said to be very powerful and very good for protection. One legend goes that one night in the chapel of Wat Huay Duan there was a strong fire that destroyed everything except for the wax statue and robe of LP Phat, which was left unscathed. Following this LP Phat amulets became very popular and highly sought after.



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