LP Moon Vishnu Narayana Riding Garuda

LP Moon Vishnu Narayana Riding Garuda

Luang Phor Moon Titasilo was one of the greatest monks to have ever lived and one of the most powerful creators of amulets. LP Moon resided at the Wat Ban Jan temple in the Sisaket province living to the age of 109 years during the King Rama the 5th to 9th era and spent 86 years in the monk hood.


LP Moon became a novice monk at the age of 14 studying under Phra Ajarn Sida who was the abbot of Wat Ban Jan at the time. He ordained as a monk at the age of 23 where he began travelling, seeking the best gurus among forest dwelling monks and studying magic and the Dharma for more than 50 years.


LP Moon, for many years focused on how to formulate magic powders and alloy for making strong amulets making them highly sought after as they are said to be very powerful and effective.


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    Dimensions 52mm x 32mm

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