LP Pern Singha

LP Pern Singha

Lunag Phor Pern Singha 


Luang Phor Pern - Wat Bang Phra - 2013


The most famous tiger amulets come from Wat Bang Pra in Nakhon Pathom province produced by Phra Udom Prachanart, more commonly known as Luang Po Pern who was highly respected as one of the top monks due to his Buddhist incantation ability and mastery of protective sak yant (sacred tattoos).


According to legend, there was an occurrence when he was wandering in the mountains on a spiritual journey and a ferocious tiger approached. The group accompanying him fled but Luang Phor Pern simply sat down and began to chant and when he finished the tiger simply walked off. Following this the news spread fast and he had heard that in remote areas of the kingdom tiger attacks were still prevalent so offered incantations,and sak yant to protect the locals and from that day no one was attacked or killed by Tigers.


All his amulets are known for warding off dangers of all kinds and are popular with muaythai fighters and gamblers as they are said to attract money and offer protection.


Tiger amulets have become very popular as of late and are worn by people as a symbol of power to ward off danger and evil spirits.



    Dimensions 42mm x 35mm


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