Nang Kwak Pha Yant

Nang Kwak Pha Yant

Nang Kwak (Thai: นางกวัก) is a spirit or household divinity of Thai folklore. She is deemed to bring good fortune, prosperity, attract customers to a business, and found among merchants.

Commonly dressed in red Thai style clothing, Nang Kwak is an incarnation of Mae Po Sop, the Thai rice goddess. She is a version of the Hindu goddess


Benjamongkol model, Luang Pu Noen Kaew, Khamphiro, 


Maha Phuttha Phisek ceremony on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 at the Ubosot of Wat Udompraison, Mueang District, Roi Et Province.


Objectives To raise money to contribute to the construction of a clergyman Wat Udompraison.



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