Phra Narai with Twin Naga and Singha

Phra Narai with Twin Naga and Singha

Narai turning the land of great power, generation, support the fate of the bad life to become good.

Creation of the Narai amulet to turn the land ancient style. Help solve - support bad fate of life to become good because in the famine era In the belief of Brahmanism, Hinduism, Vishnu is one of the three great gods who are responsible for keeping the rules of balance in the three worlds. from all the devils, that is...


1. Heaven

2. The bowels

3. Human

Therefore, both males and females young and old should worship for guardian of fortune from all the devils and also helps to support the destiny. Let the zodiac be auspicious and prestige Born to be...

Great luck, great fortune, free from misfortune, liberated from sorrow, liberated from disease, liberated from danger to all gods.

Will turn a bad destiny into a good one Like the belief that Lord Vishnu came down to turn the hot land into peace and happiness.


Therefore, all worshipers will have a new life to be better than before by virtue of making merit this time. resulting in destiny Lord Narai protects

Able to cure the paranormal, bad omen, birthmarks, birthmarks, reprimanding karma that make you charming. Feng Shui at the paranormal It turned out to be auspicious. lucrative trade Evil people become good thoughts. The more prestige people multiply. A person who has merit is more auspicious and auspicious. fulfill every wish according to what you have prayed...





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    Dimensions 50mm x 35mm