Phra Pidta

Phra Pidta

Phra Pidta


LP Phat - Wat Huay Duan, Nakhon Pathom


Phra Pidta also known as the closed eye Buddha is a very popular amulet amongst Buddhists and is said to be a protector of evil.


The amulet features a monk sitting in a half lotus position with his hands placed over his eyes as he is engaged in deep Samadhi meditation, a practice he was widely known for. He is blocking out the outside world around him including any evil and potential dangers which is said to make the wearer immune also, therefore this person should refrain from being involved in gossip, foul mouthing, back stabbing or illicit related behaviours.


Phra Pidta was one of the closest students of the Lord Buddha and was renowned for risking his life by putting himself in danger in order to save others. These selfless and heroic acts are what he became known for and ultimately paved his way to Nirvana (Buddhist Enlightenment).


This amulet is worn by people in high risk occupations where they are exposed to dangers such as fighters or those who work in construction. This amulet is also said to bring fortune.




    Dimensions 50mm x 35mm


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