Phra Somdej

Phra Somdej

Phra Somdej by LP Phat


One of the the most famous and revered amulets worn in Thailand full of power, good luck and protection for the wearer. This amulet originates from the famous Wat Rakhang Kositararm Temple in Bangkok.


Somdej Phra Puttajarn Toh Phrom-Rangsri also known in short as 'Somdej Toh' was the son of King Rama the second from the Kamphanphet province who took the vow of becoming a monk in his teenage years before becoming one of the most esteemed monks of his time.


He was known as a compassionate and selfless monk who went out of his way for people. Famous for creating the most powerful amulets which gained power from the chants he recited in ceremonies he learnt from the greatest monks of former times. He created the amulets to spread the good nature of Buddhism to the world and spread good karma. Wearers of this amulet believe that they retain their power forever.


Most Thai Buddhists have at least one of these amulets and they are often worn by fighters, high ranking politicians and celebrities who believe that it will help them succeed in their careers  and overcome obstacles. This amulet is said to increase luck, bringing success in everything the wearer does.







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    Dimensions 45mm x 30mm