Phra Rahu is known as the lord of darkness and is a popular amulet, especially among practitioners of black magic


According to legend, Phra Rahu was once the deity of the sun and moon but a complaint was made to Vishnu that he had violated the laws of heaven. Vishnu became angry and cut Rahu in half which is why only the upper body of Rahu is ever seen. As it turned out Rahu was falsely accused which made him so mad that he swallowed the deity of the sun and moon.


Rahu hates backstabbers and villains and if in need of his help you can ask to eliminate enemies who will receive karma adequate to their actions.


The statue of Phra Rahu can be seen outside many temples in Thailand where Visitors pay homage by offering black flowers, black joss sticks, black candles and black cloth with magic figures.


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