Yee Ko Hong "Lucky Gambler" Pha Yant

Yee Ko Hong "Lucky Gambler" Pha Yant

Yee Ko Hong "Lucky Gambler" Pha Yant


Yee Ko Hong, the Godfather of Gambling as he is known in Thailand is worshipped by many Thais and foreigners alike who seek luck in high risk games such as the lottery and gambling.


Worshippers can visit the rooftop of the Phlapphachai Police Station which is dedicated to Godfather Yee Ko Hong and is popular with lottery players the day before the draw.


Yee Ko Hong was born in Thailand to Chinese parents and became a business tycoon in the alcohol, casino and lottey industries earning him a well respected place in Thai society.


Yee Ko Hong remains popular with high risk takers who seek success.


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