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5 Ways to Correctly Take Care of Your Amulet

Taking care of your amulet is very important if you want to get the most out of it so respect must be given at all times. The etiquette surrounding amulets is often shrouded in mystery due to language barriers and people's different interpretations on the matter but we have broken down the 5 most important things to do when taking care of your amulet in this article.

1.Hang Your Amulets High Up.

Amulets should never be placed on a lower surface such as the floor or at a level below the waistline. Amulets are the physical representatives of holy men so when are not being worn should be kept in high places such as on a Buddha shrine or in a specially made cabinet. If amulets are kept low, one may step over them by accident and in Buddhism, the foot is considered the lowest and dirtiest part of the body so it is best to hang the amulet somewhere higher than your head.

2. Keep Your Amulets Clean.

When handling your amulet the utmost of hygiene must be observed so make sure your hands are clean and also any surfaces it is placed upon. An amulet is considered pure so must be kept away from dirt and germs and should be placed back in the case after you have finished handling it. Many amulets are placed in waterproof acrylic and metal cases which helps protect the amulets from harmful elements and erosion whilst remaining clean. Find a special box or private container to store your amulet and do not mix it with other jewelry as it needs to be respected. The box should be stored high up preferably above head level.

3. Take Off Your Amulet When Making Love.

If you are planning on making love you should always take your amulet off and never place it on the bed. This is one of the most serious rules to break when wearing an amulet so make sure to hang it somewhere high and in another room.

4. Bless Your Amulets When you Can.

Bless your amulets when you get a chance to give them additional power, especially on auspicious holy days such as Wan Phra (monk days) or New Year. This will help to clear any negativity accumulated from the time you rented the amulet until now. Regular blessings help to maintain the strength of the amulet throughout the period of time you rent it and can be placed on an altar during ceremonies, blessings and Wai Khru ceremonies.

5. Pay Respect When Taking Your Amulet Off and Putting it on.

Removing and putting on your amulet should always be done in a respectful manner with both hands clasped around it and then brought up to the forehead in the Wai position for a moment of silence, personal reflection, and prayer. Remember that taking off the amulet leaves it vulnerable to negativity, spirits, and surrounding magic. Furthermore the amulet might be mishandled by someone or passed around a group who doesn't know how to respect the piece.

An amulet is something that should be respected and taken care of if you want to fully draw on the advantages you can gain from it so the rules should be observed at all times. Once you adopt these 5 simple rules to take care of your amulet, they will become a habit and something you do instinctively. The main thing you should do is respect your amulet at all times as this is a highly auspicious religious piece.

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