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The Mighty Garuda: Thailand's National Emblem

The Garuda or ‘Paya Krut’ as it is known in Thai language is a symbol of great might and commanding power and is an important image in business in Thailand as well as the emblem of the Royal Institution. The half man half bird creature is featured on many prominent buildings and businesses in Thailand such as banks and private companies which are granted the honour and power to display the garuda in their insignia by the Royal Family.

Garuda amulets are a popular choice for people in demanding jobs with high pressure as it is said that the wearer will gain respect and power. The highly sought-after amulets are thought to enhance personal development, advancement, and prosperity and at the same time increase your status and influential powers. The garuda is often favoured by people in positions of responsibility such as officers of the state, business owners, and people working in government roles.

One of the most important mythical creatures from the Himmapan Forest and king of the birds, the Garuda, and its various depictions of origin differ from faith to faith. This half man half bird creature is said to have been born as the son of priest Resi Kasyapa, and was said to have received special powers from the gods.

There are many beautiful pieces of artwork and statues on display of the Garuda in Thailand which can be seen in the many museums and also at temples throughout the country.

The Garuda belief in Thailand has had an influence on Thai money and commerce and trade since ancient times and can be seen on Thai banknotes representing the Royal institution. Evidence of this dates back to the Ayutthaya period when Garuda was found on Pod Muang (bullet coins) during the reign of King Narai.

Pha Yant featuring the symbol of Garuda are often placed in prominent places in businesses throughout Thailand as they are thought to help businesses flourish and achieve success.

The Garuda is one of the most distinctive and popular pieces of imagery in Thailand as a symbol of mighty power and as the emblem of the Royal Institution. The Garuda continues to remain a popular choice for both amulet and Pha Yant enthusiasts both in Thailand and across the globe.

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