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Luang Phu Thuad - Master of Protection

Luang Phu Thuad is one of the most famous and revered monks to have ever lived, his image and amulets bearing his likeness are prevalent not only across Thailand but worldwide. Known as Luang Phu Thuad or Luang Phor Thuad he was born in 1582 and passed away at 100 years old which at that period in time was very much unheard of due to a lack of modern medicine and is a miracle within itself.

Luang Phu Thuad came from an extremely poor family where he faced many hardships but was always known for his overwhelming compassion in the face of adversity, adopting Buddhist principles from an early age. When he reached seven years old, Luang Phu Thuad began learning to read and write at Wat Gudti Luang before becoming fully ordained as a novice monk at the age of 15, moving onto Wat See Hyong later and rising to senior monk level.

Luang Phu Thuad spent most of his time in Siam or modern day Thailand as it is now known spreading his knowledge of the Dhamma to his many disciples and followers but finally passed away in Ayer Kala, Lenggong, Perak in Malaysia.

Luang Phu Thuad images are one of the most popular Thai amulets among enthusiasts and are believed to have saved many individuals from certain death due to the protection they offer in many situations such as car accidents, armed robberies and even on the battlefield.

Luang Phu Thuad amulets have a large following outside of Thailand, especially in Malaysia and Singapore with older sacred amulets being considered priceless due to their power and are popular among people with dangerous front line jobs such as muaythai fighters, police, soldiers and more recently hospital workers.

A giant statue of LP Thuad stands at Wat Huay Mongkol, 15 kilometres West of Hua Hin which is about 12 meters tall and 10 metres wide and is popular with Thais who travel to request favours such as fortune, luck and protection.

One of the legends Luang Phu Thuad is known for is turning seawater into drinking water as one day a boat he was on got caught up in a big storm at sea forcing the sailors to drop the anchor. After 7 days and dying of thirst the sailors began to think the reason they were stuck was due to bad luck from Luang Phu Thuad. The sailors then planned to ask him to take the rescue boat to the next island but as he dipped his feet in the sea water it began to sparkle and become clear enabling the sailors to drink the water and rehydrate.

Luang Phu Thuad amulets are as much in circulation as those fashioned on Phra Somdej and are discussed as the one of the most popular amulets in existence. Many Thais own at least one of these images either in amulet form, printed on a Pha Yant or as a small statue placed in a prominent position to help keep them from harm. It is due to the above that Luang Phu Thuad is known as the master of protection among enthusiasts with many people paying homage to him on a daily basis.

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