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Muaythai Amulets: What You Need to Know

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Muaythai is an ancient sport enriched in culture, tradition and superstition with many customs still been practiced in the modern day. During the traditional dance performed prior to fights known as the Wai Khru, muaythai fighters are often seen wearing amulets around the necks or woven into the mongkhon which they believe will give them magical powers to aid them in battle. Some fighters even keep their amulets in their mouth throughout the bout which is not highly recommended due to the obvious dangers posed when fighting.

In this article we will touch over some of the more popular amulets amongst muaythai fighters and what powers they are believed to yield.


The Hanuman is a very popular symbol in muaythai and can be seen on many logos of gyms as well as being tattooed on fighters in the traditional Sak Yant fashion. The white monkey faced character is said to be able to transform himself into a giant with 4 heads and eight arms and is invincible. When knocked down just a small blow of wind can revive him and is the reason fighters wear this amulet as they believe it will have the same effect. Fighters also wear this amulet to ward off evil spirits and danger.

Thao Wessuwan

Thao Wessuwan is a prominent figure amongst Thai Buddhists and a popular symbol within muaythai. As the leader of all ghosts and demons the image is seen wielding a truncheon which is used to batter ghosts into oblivion. Muaythai fighters wear this amulet as it is believed to protect them from violent attacks and help boost financial wealth, two key aspects a fighter strives toward.

Turtle Amulets

The turtle amulet or Pha Ya Tow as it is know in Thai language is a symbol of fertility and long life. The turtle keeps on walking forward and onward and never backs down, something which is key to being a good fighter. This amulet should be worn everyday in order for fighters to reap the benefits of overcoming obstacles and experiencing success.

Tiger Amulets

Tiger amulets are probably one of the most frequently worn amulets in muaythai by fighters and are a symbol of power to ward off danger and evil spirits. The most famous tiger amulets come from Wat Bang Pra temple made by Luang Po Pern who originally made them to protect villagers against tigers attacking people in remote areas. Nowadays, muaythai fighters wear them for protection and to make them fierce in the ring.

As the modern world continues to change and adapt it is refreshing that this tradition of wearing amulets still appeals to muaythai fighters and bares a romantic element which will continue being interwoven into the sport of muaythai for generations to come.

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