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The Great Hanuman

The Hanuman is a very famous image in Thailand that symbolises strength and victory. He is the son of the wind god and one of the leading characters in the Thai Ramakian story which is one of the most famous pieces of Thai literature and plays an integral role in Thai culture. Amulets and tattoos of Hanuman are very popular as he is renowned for his devotion, strength, and victory. The symbol of Hanuman illustrates one's internal struggle to overcome weakness and emotion whilst externally battling against evil and oppression from one's surroundings.

Hanuman is depicted as a white monkey with the ability to change into a giant with eight arms and 4 heads. Lord Hanuman is the most loyal soldier to Lord Rama and has incredible strength as well as the ability to shapeshift. In the picture below Hanuman can be seen stretching his body to make a bridge for his fellow monkey soldiers to cross over.

Hanuman is known to be invincible and when knocked down just a small blow of wind will be enough to revive him. Due to this, Hanuman Amulets are very popular with muay thai fighters as they believe when they are knocked out they will be able to regain consciousness and get back up easily to continue fighting. The amulet is also popular with soldiers and police as well as front-line workers.

There are many beautiful pieces of artwork depicting the image of Hanuman and scenes from the Ramakian story from famous artists which can be viewed in Thailand's many museums. Many of the artworks use the traditional Ramakian style whereas more modern pieces have opted for a more contemporary style.

The image of Hanuman is also often seen in murals on temple walls such as Wat Phra Gaew in Bangkok where in the picture below he can be seen perched on one knee in golden Thai robes. Statues of the monkey god are also common on temple grounds to guard the sacred areas often wielding a truncheon known as ‘Grabong’ in Thai.

The Hanuman is an integral part of Thai culture and is often part of cultural shows where scenes from the Ramakian are played out such as the famous Siam Niramit show. The shows are accompanied by traditional Thai dance and music and are an excellent introduction to Thailand's rich history and culture.

The Hanuman is not only one of the most important images in Thailand but also one of the most sought-after amulets in Thailand as the wearer is said to receive strength and success in every part of life as well as receive protection from evil spirits and grievous harm.

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