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The Leader of all Ghosts!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Thao Wessuwan is a very well known image amongst Thai Buddhists and has become a popular amulet of late, most commonly worn as protection from evil spirits and to attract financial gain.

Thao Wessuwan is the leader of all ghosts and demons and large statues of him can be seen in front of the gates of many temples across Thailand and a huge one also oversees the departures area in Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok.

The image wielding a truncheon known as ‘grabong’ in Thai is said to have the power to be flung through the air and crack the heads of as many as a thousand ghosts in one single throw. It is said that it is well within the power of Wessuwan to completely destroy ghosts should he desire but due to his good nature he just damages their head to teach them a lesson. The Wessuwan image can often be seen printed on cloth above the entrances of houses to prevent thieves and ghosts from entering.

This amulet is worn by people to ward off ghosts and demons as well as protect them from violent attacks and is also favoured by many businessmen and financiers as well as people hoping to boost their financial wealth.

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