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The Best 5 Amulets for Muay Thai Fighters

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

You are ready to fight. You have your Twins gloves, your Boon shorts with personalised logo, hand wraps, custom gum shield and your mongkhon with matching pra jiads is in the post. But what about choosing your amulet? Where should you begin?

It may seem like a vast ocean of uncharted territory when choosing an amulet due to language barriers and unfamiliar terminology so we have composed a list of the top 5 amulets muay thai fighters like to wear around their neck or place on their mongkhons.

Tiger amulets will always have a place in the heart of muay thai fighters as they offer protection, look fierce and are a symbol of strength. There are many cool variations of tiger amulets with some of the most well-known ones coming from the famous monk LP Pern from Wat Bang Phra in Nakhon Pathom, a temple that also specialises in Sak Yant tattoos. LP Phat, another revered Thai monk has also pioneered some of the best amulet tiger designs including the famous image of the twin tigers.

The Hanuman amulet is well known in the sport of muay thai among fighters and is a symbol of strength from the famous Ramakien story in Thai literature. The white monkey is often seen bearing a victory flag or brandishing weapons such as swords or spears depicting him as a true warrior. The Hanuman is popular as it is said to make the wearer invincible and when knocked down can be brought back to consciousness with a single blow of wind which makes this amulet choice a no-brainer for muay thai fighters.

The turtle amulet is a distinct image you are no doubt familiar which is often worn around the neck due to its size, although smaller versions can be found which sit nicely on a mongkhon. Known in Thai as Pha Ya Tow this amulet is available in silver, gold and even multi-coloured designs such as the Thai Flag colours.

The appeal to fighters with this amulet is that the turtle pushes forward with persistence never backtracking, a trait necessary for fighters. Depictions of this amulet often feature a laughing Buddha with yants etched across the reverse.

Thao Wessuwan is a well-known menacing type image that has an element of cool about it which points to a darker side fighters can often relate to. Traditionally, Thao Wessuwan is known as the leader of all ghosts protecting the wearer from evil as well as attracting financial gain but as of late has become popular on the muay thai circuit. No doubt you will have seen statues at Thailand’s international airport and outside many temples and is said to protect the wearer from violent attacks, a feat associated with being a fighter.

Phra Pidta is another common choice for muay thai fighters and is known for its distinct feature of the monk sitting covering his eyes and sat cross legged in deep meditation. Phra Pidta is a protection amulet and promotes focus allowing people to block out all external forces. Fighters wear this as they believe it allows them to fully concentrate on the task in hand and block out outside noise and other distractions, especially during fight camps when 100 percent focus is required. This amulet was banned in Singapore during the 70's as it was popular in the underworld among gangs.

In summary, there are thousands of different amulet designs out there to choose from. It may be easy for you to pick something aesthetically pleasing but the background and meaning of an amulet should also be taken into consideration. If you are having difficulty choosing it is always good to ask someone in the know to get some advice. It is common practice for people to wear various amulets at the same time so if you are struggling you may opt to wear multiple amulets at the same time.

Check out our range of amulets here or drop us a message if you need some advice.

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