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Yee Ko Hong: The Godfather of Gambling

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Godfather Yee Ko Hong is a popular amulet amongst gamblers both in Thailand and worldwide. Dubbed as the first lottery god of Siam, Yee Ko Hong still has a large following for people who like to gamble and participate in other high risk reward schemes.

There is a shrine situated on the rooftop of the Phlapphachai Police Station dedicated to Godfather Yee Ko Hong where many people flock to pay worship. If you head to the shrine the day before the lottery draw you will see many people there who go to pray and ask for lucky numbers from the Godfather of Gambling.

Born in Thailand in the year 239 from Chinese parents, Hong as he was known at that time became very successful due to his many businesses, which included a liquor distillery, casino and lottery factory amongst others. Hong was so successful he was bestowed the last name Techavanich from the Royal Family and became a well respected public figure.

Due to a change in law forbidding casinos and lotteries and imposing alcohol duties, Godfather Yee Ko Hong turned his hand to other businesses such as rice milling and marine shipping to China. These businesses became somewhat troublesome for Yee Ko Hong, amounting in serious debt and in the end he had to file for bankruptcy but was left with his house as he had done so much good for the community.

Yee Ko Hong amulets remain popular due to the godfathers continued success within the lottery and casino industry and as one of the founders of lottery in Thailand and a seasoned gambler. Lottery players and gamblers upon receiving a big win normally make offerings to Yee Ko Hong such as rice, pork legs, tea, cigars and betel nut as a way of saying thanks.

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