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Ekkarat Thai Amulets is an Online Store, specialising in sourcing genuine amulets through our multitude of traders around Thailand. Our small team offer first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes with worldwide shipping.

Pra Rahu
Marble Surface

Björn , Germany

Beautiful and very clean Thai Amulets, which you will love. Quick to reply and very very friendly

Can fully recommend Ekkarat Thai Amulets!

Khob Khun Krap


Laura, UK

Soooo happy with my purchase! Fast, efficient service great value! Will definitely be telling everybody about them


Abraham, USA

Thanks so much for this amazing Garuda amulet! very good condition

Plain final-03_edited.jpg


A Brief Guide

Amulets also known as ‘Pra Kreung’ or ‘Kreung Rang Kong Klang’ are magically blessed images closely linked to Thai Buddhism which are usually worn around the neck. Over 70% of Thai people wear amulets to aid them in their careers, to assist them acquiring wealth or simply for good luck.

Each kind with their own meaning and purpose, you could say each amulet type bears an individual identity giving their own meaning to the wearer. Amulets are created using holy materials such as ash from incense, old temple structures or hair or bones from a monk to add protective power to the amulet. Once the amulet has been made monks then engage in a ceremony which can take from one to three weeks where they chant, pray and bless the amulets.

In ancient times it was believed that warriors needed to wear an amulet during battles to ward off danger and are still worn today by many muay thai fighters, often seen hanging from the mongkhon during the Wai Khru ceremony before a fight or simply worn around the neck during everyday life.



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